The Fair-Boat project

The sailing experience with Ayaite is the beginning of a way more crazy idea or lets say a big dream and its time to make it become true:

A sailing vessel that promotes fair and sustainable exchange of goods, people and knowledge between at least 2 continents (Latin America and Europe) and also in between regions like the Amazon and big cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil. Furthermore host people that want to experience and learn how to move with the power of nature and without using fossil fuels.

Various cooperatives are trying to create an alternative to existing structures. For example, food cooperatives are buying regionally and fairly produced food in their region and foster the local community. However, some products are not in the area and transportation is often an insurmountable hurdle. Similarly, with regard to airline tickets and the ability to travel, access is limited for some people and goods from certain groups (certification processes are expensive, etc.)

The Fair-Boat will provide transport for:

  • sustainable products of small producers and cooperatives
  • open source technologies and bike machines
  • an open database and seed bank and documentary movie archive
  • a mobile outdoor cinema powered by bike machines
  • an international and inclusive crew and volunteers and their stories
  • big dreams and what will come up in the cooperation.
The fair-boat idea in a mind map

The Fair-Boat connects:

  • existing projects of the shuttleworth-network:
    • open ecology (partly)
    • Rhizomatica (Peter)
    • open conservation technology (Alasdar)
  • community supported agriculture and foodcoops
    • farmers movements in Europe and Latin America
    • consumers
  • community supported Wifi networks
    • Rhizomatica
    • Altermundi
    • LibreRouter
  • Existing boat projects
    • tallships: Atyla, Shtandart
    • sail the farm
    • 3hombres, Fair transport
    • alternative sailing community
    • sail inc. Costa Rica
  • open source Technologies
    • bike Machines /bici maquinas (Maya Pedal)
    • precious plastic: shredder and 3dprinter
    • adoinos and sensors
    • LibreRouter
    • Solar-dryer and cooker
    • water filters and collectors
    • DIY cosmetics, soap
    • open source sailing equipment
  • cross-sectoral:
    • facilitators
    • farmers
    • youth work (SCI and work away)
    • hackers and programmers
    • environmental activists
    • artists
    • social workers
  • sailing as a “therapy”
    • for young people
    • people with mental disorders
    • with disability

Outcomes of the Fair-Boat project(besides the actual boat and transport):

  • The development and publishing of open source technologies as alternatives for expensive navigation equipment like radar, AIS,..
  • the publication of sailing and legal facts and everything you need to create your own “fair boat”
  • spinning a worldwide crosssectoral network
  • videos and tutorials on sailing and alternative technologies
  • public events in ports

Education and knowledge exchange of the people that will come on board and in the ports and place we will pass by (public events with the goods and open source machines (bike-powered cinema).

Video for the Shuttleworth fellowship 2019